Wednesday, 9 September 2009

SEO Consult Still Going Strong

TopSEOs, the independent search vendor authority, have ranked SEO Consult first in their monthly evaluation list of the Best UK Organic Search Engine Optimisation Companies - that's 10 consecutive months at the top for SEO Consult.

Coming out on top of up to 300 UK-based SEO agencies each month is no mean feat - SEO Consult scored top marks in creativity, competency, competitive cost and customer satisfaction. The time in which first page organic SEO listings are achieved is a premier consideration, in which category SEO Consult excel.

To back up the statistics, at least 3 customers are sounded out by TopSEOs to assess how efficient they found their SEO agency's services and to gauge their average Return on Investment (ROI). SEO Consult's 100% score speaks volumes. SEO Consult also offer a free SEO website analysis worth £500 to highlight ways in which a site can be optimised for the best possible search engine ranking results.

"We're very proud of this achievement and are delighted by our consistent performance," said Matt Bullas, Managing Director of SEO Consult. "The cutting edge of the SEO industry is an exciting place to be and with our comprehensive, creative and highly effective SEO services it's where we hope to stay. Visit us to see how a custom-built campaign can generate great results for your business?"

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