Thursday, 10 September 2009

Real-Time Search Engine Launched By FAROO

FAROO, an innovator in Peer-to-peer technology, announced today the launch of Real-Time Social Discovery and Search, which uses a crowd-sourced approach to search, offering the discovery of new and relevant Web documents within minutes of their being published.

Using connectors to popular social services such as Twitter and Digg, FAROO's Real-Time Search is able to leverage a larger representative base of attention data for discovery and ranking. FAROO deep crawls all discovered links and uses the number of votes, trust and reputation for ranking those documents.

"The discovery of topical, recent, and novel information has always been an important aspect of search, but the perception of what "recent" is has changed dramatically over the past year," said Wolf Garbe, CEO of FAROO. "FAROO's new Real Time Search is the next step towards a unified and distributed Web search, enabled by the scaling and cost advantages of our peer-to-peer technology."

FAROO offers a number of benefits which improve real-time search including:

Social Noise Filter
FAROO analyzes the trust and reputation of the original source, the recommending user, and the attention and popularity of the information among the final consumers in order to separate the relevant documents from the constant real-time stream of noise.

Social Tagging
There is nothing as powerful as the human brain for categorizing information. FAROO utilizes collective intelligence and aggregates the tags from all users and all of the connected services for a specific document. Tags may be used as filters in the faceted search.

Rich Visual Preview
Whenever possible, a teaser picture from the article is shown in front of the text summary, not just a thumbnail of the whole Web page. The author is also displayed and can be used for filtering purposes.

Sentiment Detection
It's not just the pure news, but also the emotions that involve users and make information relevant. FAROO detects and visualizes which kinds of sentiments have been triggered in the conversation.

Multi-Language Support
The real-time search services are still dominated by English content. Yet, the country with the most Internet users is China, and due to the long tail the vast majority of Internet users use languages other than English. FAROO provides language-specific voting, ranking, and searching together with a localized user interface.

Faceted Search
FAROO's faceted search feature enables users to navigate a multi-dimensional information space by combining text search with a progressive narrowing of choices in each dimension. This helps users manage the increasing flow of information by narrowing, drilling down, refining and filtering the search results.

RSS result feeds
Users can subscribe to the result streams, applying any combination of the faceted search filters, so they can be notified and browse through the news in a preferred feed reader.

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