Monday, 14 September 2009

How To Blog Yourself Out Of Debt

Lee Smallbone (26) started out in January 2009 owing over £15,000 in unsecured loans and credit cards. Faced with the prospect of divorce and losing his home, he decided to take hold of his worsening situation and work himself out of debt for good within 12 months, and then onwards towards financial security and prosperity. Above all else, he wants to help others do the same.

The world of UK personal finance has always been a minefield, and this has never been more true in the current Credit Crunch climate. His blog is his diary, a guidebook, a "do it yourself" get out of debt and prosper manual, and it's all available in stark honest blog format at

There are no quick fixes involved, no get-rich-quick schemes and no scams. Just hard work, planning and strategy. Documenting what works for him and what doesn't, writing reviews on financial products and services, and offering help to ordinary British people in the most difficult financial times a generation of people know.

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