Saturday, 16 May 2009

Aiden Davies' Online Reach

11 year old Aiden Davies has given the best performance of the series in tonight's episode of Britain's Got Talent. And having been blown away by his solo dancing piece, I found myself online within minutes to rerun the video for some of the younger members of my family - And then it hit me... I wonder what impact his performance will have within the online space?

aiden-davies-searchesAccording to the current stats from Google, Aiden does not appear to be in much demand, with a miniscule 16 searches as a monthly average for the term "aiden davies", and only 7 mentions within Twitter.

aiden-davies-twitterBut with the exposure he has just received, through which all of a sudden his skills have been aired to millions of viewers, I'm in no doubt that Aiden's online popularity will see a huge surge over the next few weeks as he sails his way through the rounds for this year's opportunity to perform in front of her majesty.

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