Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Ask.com Joins Canonical Trio

It looks like the precedence has been set and Ask.com has opted to follow Google, Yahoo, and MSN in their quest to make issues raised by content duplication a thing of the past.

I recently wrote a post showing how website owners can take advantage of the new 'Canonical Links' to extract maximum value out of duplicated content.

Yesterday Ask.com announced their intention to join the big three through their official blog, in which Yufan Hu of Ask.com says: "The 'canonical' feature represents a timely, relevant, and positive partnership between major search engines. It is a step to ensuring more consistency with regard to treatment of duplicates among all of the engines. It will also put more control into the hands of site designers over how their sites are represented within the search indexes.

You can read the full announcement in their blog post entitled 'Ask is Going Canonical'

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